“Study shows that orally administered glutathione had positive efects on people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease following proactive lifestyle changes.”
“Glutathione found to reduce oxidative stress on the lungs, vitamin C and zinc as immune-boosting and free radical neutralizers.”
“GlutaDose found to be the best available Glutathione formula supplement for immune support”

Vaily® Line of Products

Immune Support

Easy Sleep



Fast-acting Liquid Formulas

At Vaily® Nutraceutical, we know that nutritional supplements take time to demonstrate their benefits in the body. That’s why we specialize in creating fast-acting nutritional products, focusing primarily on liquid formulations. This choice is supported by several key advantages: exceptional absorption rates compared to tablet or capsule options, greater effectiveness and speed in nutrient effects, and, finally, convenience. Our products are ready to be taken without the need for water or mixing ingredients — everything is perfectly packaged in precise doses; that’s our priority. Our “Liquid Form” product line will only offer formulas manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities that have achieved better performance than any in the category

For people seeking to enhance their immune support by focusing on revitalizing their cells to feel their best every day.

Vaily® Immune Support is a powerful supplement that acts at the cellular level as an antioxidant and detoxifier.* Our proprietary formula is considered one of the most advanced ways to nurture your cells and promote optimal health.

Vaily® Easy Sleep, with an advanced Melatonin formulation enriched by Chamomile and Lemon Balm, offers a holistic approach to sleep optimization.

Clinically proven, this unique blend significantly reduces the time it takes to fall asleep, improves overall sleep duration, and promotes a well-rested feeling.

Harnessing the benefits of turmeric's active compound, curcumin, this product offers potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

With its liquid formulation, the Vaily® Turmeric presentation ensures rapid absorption, allowing for quicker access to the potential health benefits. Support joint health, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall well-being with the natural goodness of Vaily Turmeric – your liquid ally for a healthier lifestyle

Vaily® Magnesium formula is a liquid wellness solution that unlocks the numerous benefits of this essential mineral.

With rapid absorption, our liquid form ensures quick access to magnesium’s vital role in supporting muscle and nerve function, bone health, and overall well-being. Vaily Magnesium is your convenient and efficient way to incorporate this crucial mineral into your daily routine, promoting muscle relaxation, improved sleep, and a healthier lifestyle.


About Us

Vaily®Nutraceutical LLC is committed to creating and bringing to market innovative nutritional and cosmetic products. Our formulations are developed in cutting-edge research and development labs in the United States and Europe, ensuring we stay at the forefront of product innovation in the supplement industry.

Our primary goal is to craft inventive formulas using molecules extensively tested and supported by clinical studies. We prioritize the speed and effectiveness of absorption for each product, guiding us in choosing the best presentation for consumers. Typically, we favor liquid formulations, and for probiotics, we lean towards FastMelt presentations.

Our product portfolio spans various health and beauty areas, offering targeted benefits in immune support, detoxification, mood enhancement, performance optimization, as well as beauty and anti-aging. A recent addition, Vaily® Beauty Reset, has set a new standard in skincare formulations. This product combines the benefits of cosmetics and nutrition professionally, providing an alternative without the inherent risks of pharmaceuticals.

Our mission is to revolutionize well-being through groundbreaking nutraceutical and nutra-cosmetic products. We envision a world where science-backed wellness is readily accessible, promoting enduring health and cultivating joy at every age and life stage. Our commitment lies in formulating products that integrate advanced research, rigorous clinical testing, and optimal absorption for a holistic approach to feeling one’s best, inside and out.

State of the Art Dietary Supplements

Product Development Process

Our process starts with analyzing market needs for healthier living. We choose proven, effective elements to create top-quality dietary supplements targeting immune, skin, and gut health. Vaily Nutraceutical products consistently deliver the right ingredients in the correct doses, combined with excellent flavor and user experience.

Formulation and Manufacturing

Our experienced product development team collaborates with leading experts in medicine, nutraceuticals, and food products. We ensure all products meet pharmaceutical standards, being GMP certified and FDA compliant, and are manufactured in the United States, Spain, and Denmark.

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